Tuesday, April 15, 2008

False Ideas (1) Newspaper Theology

Christians have tended to base their views on the course of history on what they read in their newspapers, rather than on what they read in the Bible. We certainly live in evil times, and our newspapers make rather dismal reading. But the Bible is quite realistic about evil. It warns us to expect times when evil will rise in power. However this realism is never allowed to detract from the certainty of Christ’s victory. Despite the worst that Satan can do, Jesus and his church will eventually be victorious. It is time for the church to rediscover this important biblical message.

This is just one example to the Pessimistic Christianity that has become so prevalent

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brandbuster said...

Do you mention anywhere that christians have been forced out to the fringes of society because of the enormously distructive influence of the theory of evolution. Since its wide spread acceptance by the multitude especially the interlectual's and decision makers has forced christians to either abandon their belief in God as the literal creator as per genesis (which then undermines any refence to the scripture) or be discredited as someone who believes in fariy tales ie a kook.