Friday, May 30, 2008

Getting our Methods Right

Most Christians are using the wrong method when they deal with sickness. We are trying to use the gifts of healing for Christians, when we should be using them for the lost in evangelism. Christians are asking God to heal them, when he has already done everything that is necessary for salvation (healing). Christians should not be asking God or to heal them. They do not need to plead with Jesus for healing. He has already provided healing for us when he was whipped and beaten. We do not have to ask for it, but we do need to appropriate what he has already been given to us. We receive what is our by faith. We also need learn to resist Satan, standing in faith.

God has given his people authority over sickness, and Satan (Matt 10:1):

  • Christians have authority over sickness in their bodies
  • Fathers have authority over sickness in their family
  • Christians have authority to heal unbelievers
  • Elders have authority against sickness in their disciples.
  • If we resist the devil together, he will flee.
  • Christians preaching the gospel have authority to heal unbelievers.
Instead of asking God to heal us, we must use our authority to get rid of sickness.

Christians should be claiming the full promise of the Gospel. When Jesus was flogged, his skin was torn open and his muscles lacerated by several pieces of glass or bone on the end of the whip straps. Only death was necessary for forgiveness of our sins. Jesus body was broken for our healing. If we do not walk in his healing, his pain was wasted.

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