Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Conservative Government

New Zealand will hold a general election later this year. After nine years of rule by a progressive government, the polls indicate that a more conservative government might be elected next year. People committed to the kingdom of God see a conservative government as a joke.

In a democracy, liberals and conservatives have a symbiotic role. When the progressive government is in power it pushes through laws to bring about social change. The conservative opposition fights against these changes tooth and nail.

Once the conservative government gets elected to power, it does not reverse a single one of the laws that it so bitterly opposed. The supporters of the conservative party do not complain about this, because they are glad that social change has been halted for a while. What they do not realise is that the conservative party has a different role. By not reversing the laws they opposed, the conservative party makes them mainstream. Once a law has the support of the conservatives, it is normalised.
People think that the role of the conservative party is to slow down social change. That is not true. The role of the conservative party is actually to cement social change in place.

Christians often support a conservative party, thinking they are opposing humanistic changes to the law. The reality is that they are supporting a process that strengthens secular humanistic change.


Unknown said...

Yeah this is certianly true any ideas on who which party to vote for or should we just bow out do yer think?

Anonymous said...

Interesting take, Ron.
Sounds like you have a legislative- or executive-heavy system in mind when you say this, though.
What of a judiciary-heavy system like the US? Recent administrations on both sides major legislative tussles by having judges reinterpret and constrain laws through the back door. That doesn't really happen in the Westminister systems because the judiciaries are just not that powerful. (I'm not aware of the kind of system NZ has?)

Anonymous said...

Apparently I swallowed a few words in my comment above. :)

"Recent administrations on both sides have sidestepped major tussles..."