Thursday, December 04, 2008

Confirming Gods Word

We should be careful about saying that Christian scientists have confirmed God’s word by their research. Scientists test hypotheses by doing experiments. They cannot repeat the creation of this world, so it is logically impossible to prove what happened using the scientific method. When Christians claim they can prove what happened at the beginning of time, they fall into the same trap as the evolutionists.

The other problem is Genesis 1 does not contain hypotheses in a form that can be tested using the scientific method. Therefore the best that a Christian scientist can do is test a scientific hypothesis they think is consistent with Genesis 1, which is a very different thing. Christians should be really careful about going beyond God’s word.

God does not need us to confirm his word. He will do that himself.

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Gene said...

I know this seems dogmatic, but I have always thought that where Science and God's word seem to disagree, I will just wait for Science to catch up.

But, sometimes I don't know what that is.

I let science prove the word of God.

I guess I'm pretty old fashioned. I believe EVERYTHING God says.

Isn't that terrible?