Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coping with Social Collapse (1)

If the economic crisis gets really bad, the fabric of some societies will be torn apart. If work gets scarce unemployed people might start rioting and looting. If the government runs out of money, it might stop paying the police. In the worst case scenario, gangs of youths might roam streets of the city terrorising the population. The city would be a dangerous place, but the country would be no better. If food is scarce, hungry hoards might trample the countryside searching for something to eat. Personal security would be a big issue.

I am not that pessimistic. Very few western countries will experience social chaos and mob rule as a result of this economic crisis. The powers that be will simply not let it happen. Troops have already been deployed in many countries ready to prevent riots and looting. When faced with a choice between disruption of their comfort and dictatorial government, the people of the West have voted consistently for their comfort. We are more likely to see autocratic governments than mob rule in the West. Repressive governments will not be a threat to Christians, as they will mostly ignore us, unless we become an irritant.

In some parts of the world however, where governments are less secure, economic crisis might collapse into social and economic chaos. Christians living in these nations would be wise to prepare. To assist their preparation, I will examine the scriptural teaching about protection in times of social chaos in the next few posts.

Another reason this teaching is important is that the whole world is moving towards the next epochal event in history called the “time of desolation”. This short season leads to a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a powerful advance for the Kingdom of God, but it will be a time of terrible dislocation. All Christians should be thinking about how they can prepare for this season.

The complete series on Coping with Social Collapse is here.

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