Monday, March 16, 2009

Preparation for Crisis (1) - Think Carefully

The credit crunch has created a great deal of economic uncertainty. Christians are starting to think about life in difficult times. Some are preparing to cope with an economic crisis. This sense of urgency is good, but we must focus our efforts wisely.

When preparing for difficult times, most Christians think about returning to a subsistence lifestyle. Their first response is to start growing vegetables. Some Christians consider moving to the country, where a self-sufficient lifestyle will be easier. Growing vegetables might be a sensible away to support other people, but is probably foolish if the aim is to be self sufficient. The self-sufficient lifestyle is actually a substance lifestyle, and that is an awful way to live.

Returning to subsistence is not the best way to prepare for tough times when most people live in cities. If Christians want to provide a lead, we will need to develop models for life that will work in a city. Before rushing into the country, we should think clearly about what happens in an economic crisis. Once we have a clearer idea of what we will be facing, we can prepare more sensibly.

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