Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fast Growth

Apostles should not be expected to plant several Churches at the same time. This will wear out the apostles and disappoint the sending Church. It is better to establish one Church properly, before going on to another.

However, if a large number of people become Christians all at once, they may have to establish several Churches. This appears to have happened at Antioch. A great number of people were spontaneously brought to the Lord, so Barnabas was sent to sort things out. He went and found Saul to assist with discipling all the new Christians (Acts 11:22-26). This was not a normal situation. The problem arose because key apostles remained in Jerusalem, rather than going with the Holy Spirit to Antioch, where he was at work. If the apostles had gone to Antioch with the Holy Spirit, rather than leaving the opportunity to a few persecuted Christians, the problem would not have arisen.

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