Saturday, May 01, 2010

Fort Hood

I have read that the US Army is pressing for the death penalty for the Fort Hood gunman. I suppose that will be a victory in the war on terror, but I really cannot understand what was going on overthere.

Fort Hood was full of military personnel, but a psychiatrist with two a handguns was able to kill thirteen people and injure thirty others, before someone intervened. What is wrong with these people? No wonder they are being beat up by the Afghanis.

The woman who eventually dealt to the psychiatrist was a traffic cop. Why do all the tough, ruthless people in the world end us becoming traffic cops?

Instead of sending another hundred thousand troops to Afghanistan, Obama should send a team of psychiatrists and traffic cops. They would soon sort out those rumpty Afghanis.

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Anonymous said...

I assume this was a joke. The "traffic cop" was not ruthless. She was brave and acted quickly to protect herself and the people she was paid to protect.

Furthermore, the Afghanis are not beating up on the US military. The US military is beating up on the Afghanis. However the US will not win the "war" (in fact I don't believe they intend to even try because the bloodshed involved in that would be bad PR and besides that the cost of "winning the war" would most likely bankrupt USA just like USSR). The best thing for the US would be to bring the troops home now. Close all military bases outside the United States and bring the troops home.