Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Times Square Financial Analyst

Last month Wall Street financial analysts were the source of evil. Now the Times Square financial analyst has struck fear in people’s hearts.

The state regulators did not do very well against the Wall Street evil. They did not do much better against the evil in Times Square. While the authorities were hassling the street vendors and buskers in Times Square, a financial analyst had travelled to Pakistan, trained with the Pakistani Taliban, removed his wife and family from the US, and prepared a bomb.

The Department of Homeland Security has thousands of agents and a budget of billions, but they were unable to prevent him from placing his bomb in a heavily populated area. The FBI lost him and he nearly escaped the country.

Fortunately, this financial analyst was a thwarted by an alert street vendor who had not been run out of town by the state authorities.

Some of these guys must be in the wrong job.

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