Thursday, June 24, 2010

Halal Food (6) Business

Christians cannot be harmed by eating halal food, unless their conscience is weak and it leads into other sin.

Businesses should be careful about getting their food halal certified. When going through this certification process, they have to submit to Moslem authorities. When people submit to any human authority, they give them open themselves up to the spiritual forces, behind that authority. Therefore, businesses getting their products halal certified, are opening themselves up to the spiritual forces behind Islam.

If the managers of the business are Christians, they might have sufficient protection in place to keep themselves safe from any spiritual attack, but they would need to be very careful. If they have any spiritual vulnerabilities in those areas, they could come under serious attack, and it could harm the business.

The Christian manager would also need to think carefully about why the are obtaining Halal certification. If they were doing it to provide food to people who need it, that would be okay. However, if they were getting certification just go get more sales, this might be an unwise compromise.

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