Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Prayer and Authority (14) Resist with Words

We resist the enemy by speaking words of truth. Jesus demonstrated the correct method when he was being tempted by Satan. He does not have authority to attack us physically. He has to persuade us to submit to him. He plants false ideas in our minds, and if he can get us to agree with his thoughts, he has power in our life to do what he proposed. The devil said to Jesus.

If you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread (Luke 4:3).
The devils suggestions are usually half true. Jesus is the Son of God. He does have the power to turn stone into bread. Eating bread is not sinful. However, Jesus realised that the enemy was trying to get him to submit to him, so he countered with a true statement.
It is written: “Man does not live on bread alone” (Luke 4:4).
This was the truth that was really relevant in Jesus situation. When you are being tested, food is not that important. Obedience to the Father is far more important than short term comfort. The truth spoken by Jesus nullified the power of Satan’s lies. When Satan’s lies are exposed and challenged, they are stripped of their power and he cannot touch us.
We are often challenged in the same way.
You can do that once, it will not cause any harm.
If we agree with this suggestion or act upon it, we give him power in our lives. Many of his suggestions play on our fears by producing worry.
If you take that action,
something bad could happen.
This suggestion is partly true. Something can always go wrong. Unfortunately, if we agree with the suggestion by starting to worry about what could happen, we have given him authority in our lives, and more specifically, we have given him permission to do the thing we fear. Many of the things that people fear happen, because they have agreed with the suggestion from the enemy, by worrying about it, which has given him authority to do it.

The best response to a suggestion that causes us to worry is to counter with the truth.
That is not God’s plan.
I do not accept suggestion.
God has promised to protect me.
The best way to resist the enemy’s attack is to counter with a declaration of the truth. This is what Paul meant by the shield of faith (Eph 6:10). A declaration of faith based on God’s word extinguishes the flaming arrows of the enemy and they fall harmlessly to the ground.

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