Thursday, March 03, 2011

Business Makes a Difference

I am intrigued by the difference between the style of government and business. Everything that central government and city council officials do is accompanied by a media release or news conference, whereas businesses seem to just get on and do it. I suppose it is because business owners and managers are motivated by getting a task done, whereas politicians are motivated by public approval.

I do not know what it was like in the central city, but here in the suburbs most of the things that really made a difference were done provided by businesses:

  • supermarkets selling water, torches, bread and milk;
  • service stations providing petrol and LPG,
  • road construction companies providing trucks and excavators to remove silt from the streets;
  • telecommunication companies keeping the phones going;
  • power companies restoring electricity supplies.
  • trucking buineness keeping the supply chains linked.
  • milk companies supplying bulk tanks and tankers of water.
  • airlines carrying people in and out of Christchurch
  • Kenny’s supplying and cleaning portaloos.
Business often gets a bad name in New Zealand, but I really appreciate the ability of these businesses to get things done

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