Sunday, March 06, 2011


Electricity has been restored to 95% of houses in Christchurch, but we are in the 5% still without electricity after twelve days (and no running water or sewerage). I feel honoured to be in this select group, because I presume they decided that the people living in our neighbourhood are tough enough to cope for a few more days.

The street next to ours has had electricity restored, so it is getting close. The lines company says that 99 percent of households will have their electricity restored by Monday evening. A couple more days is neither here nor there.

The construction companies have now started restoring streets. The photos show the arterial route that our street comes off. The first is the the street just after the earthquake. It is starting to look much better. Our street still has some huge judder bars. They are also beginning to remove some of the humps and holes. The last photo shows the effect.

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