Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time of Distress (7) - World

The season that ends the times of the Gentiles is called the Time of Distress. This is the third season since the ministry of Jesus. It will affect different groups of people in different ways.

This season of transition will be painful for the world. Troubles and tribulations will breakout everywhere. The devil will be angry at losing power, so evil will eventually go rampant.

  • Economies will collapse.
  • Global trade will contract.
  • Wealth will disappear as the division of labour shrinks.
  • Wars increase in intensity.
  • Famine and disaster will be widespread.
  • Sickness and disease will be unstoppable.
  • Security structures will fall apart.
  • Concentration of political power
  • Police and defence forces may not be paid, so many will desert their posts.
  • Some military leaders will morph into warlords.
  • Groups of police will morph into armed gangs controlling a patch of territory.
  • Violent gangs of youths may rampage through towns and cities.
  • Fear and dread will be pervasive.
The distress will build slowly. Initially, governments will hold back the worst of these effects, so most people will be confident that the good times will return.


Gene said...

I've been away (my mom and dad's 70th wedding anniversary), but so far I'm with you...nothing scary so far.

Ron McK said...

Well done, for them I mean.