Saturday, May 21, 2011

Times of the Gentiles (2) - Characteristics

This disobedience of the Jews has consequences throughout the world. When Jesus died upon the cross, the devil was totally and fully defeated. He was cast out of heaven and can only continue to function on earth, if he can deceive people into rejecting the gospel (Rev 12:13). However he does have one last legal right on earth. The judgement of the Jews gives Satan the right to do evil against them (Matt 23:39).

Since the Jews had been scattered among the nations, he has been able to work in most nations. Whenever, Satan wants to do great evil in a nation, he incites it to attack the Jews and then he has a greater authority to do his work. For example, Satan incited both Hitler and Stalin to attack the Jews, which enabled him to do great evil through these men.

During the Times of the Gentiles:

  • The Jews are scattered among the nations for their safety.

  • They continue to resist the gospel.

  • Evil is unrestrained

  • The world is dominated by political power.

  • Human government will be unrestrained.

  • The church is constrained by lack of faith.

  • The Holy Spirit is held back, because he will not go where he is not invited.

This is why the battle has been so hard for the last two millennia. Part of the team is missing. The church is not complete, so it has been functioning at half power.

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