Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Collapse of Human Government (2) - Big Battle

The Big Battle will be the “last hurrah” for human government. The Democratic Beast that was supposed to save the world from diaster will collapse into a terrible mess. This great nation empowered to bring peace to the world will be destroyed by the dreadful war that it started.

When Christian prophets speak comfort and salvation to the people of Israel, they will not just speak destruction against the military forces besieging the land. They will also announce the destruction of human government and political empires that have instigated the conflict and dominated the world. Their prophetic declarations are foreshadowed by the declarations recorded in Revelation 18-19.

These prophetic words will release the power of the Holy Spirit to bring down political power throughout the world. When military weapons go haywire and strike back on the armies that launched them, some of this terrible destruction will strike their home cities. Political leaders will be destroyed by their own weapons.

The cities of the nations collapsed (Rev 16:19).
This destruction is described in the book of Revelation.
From the sky huge hailstones, each weighing about a hundred pounds, fell on people. And they cursed God on account of the plague of hail, because the plague was so terrible (Rev 16:21).
John had never seen bombs and missiles. When he saw them in his vision, he described them as huge hailstones, because that was all he knew. The Big Battle will end with bombs falling on capital cities and centres of power throughout the world that have not already been destroyed by economic crisis (Rev 6:5-6) and terrorism (Dan 7:6).

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Anonymous said...

What nation that brings peace: the U.S./West or its image, Israel? Which is the head and which is the tail? Both are Mystery Babylon, the arrogant widow that rejects the Husband she killed. Jerusalem, the city that sits on seven hills...or the U.S./Western Empire that sits on seven continents? Israel, the flagship creation of the United Nations and anti-christ humanistic Zionist blasphemers that exalt themselves against God...or the U.S. and West where their 'power' and 'protection' and 'authority' is derived? Democracy: the height of man's rebellion against God. "We don't need your rule...we can rule ourselves." Come the day when the false god Democracy crashes to the ground!