Saturday, June 25, 2011

Collapse of Human Government (5) - Best Government Fails

The people of the world will be disturbed by the fate of the Democratic Beast, because it was expected to be different from other governments. Hopes will be high, because this governent will have been formed by good people with strong Christians support. Expectations will be huge, because it the most democratic government that ever existed. People are not surprised when evil leaders do harm, but the expect democratic government to be a force for good. When this good democratic political power collapses in a morass of troubles, those who have relied on it will be totally disillusioned with political power.

The collapse of the best human government ever will be so horrifying that the people of the world will never trust human political power again. They will be left with no place to turn.

  • Confidence in political power will be shaken to the core.

  • Human government will be exposed as a false hope.

  • Faith in democracy will be annihilated.

  • Trust in military force will be shattered.

  • Confidence in police and security forces will be crushed.

  • The principalities and power will be totally disarmed.

  • Political power and control will crumble, collapse and disappear.

  • The faith in political power that hides in human hearts will be dissolved.

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