Saturday, October 08, 2011

Judgments (1)

In recent days, Christians have been discussing the role of judgments in the New Testament age. Judgment is a gloomy topic, so not many people study the topic, but it is important for understanding how God works in the world.

A common view is God’s judgments ceased with the cross. We are living in the age of grace when God works to transform nations by the gospel and the spirit. He will not judge nations until the great tribulation just before Jesus returns. The real judgments are stored up for the Last Judgement at the end of the age. I believe that this view is wrong and confused. To get to the truth we need to a clearer understanding of role of judgment in the scriptures.

The Old Testament describes to different types of judgment. These two types continue into the New Testament. Distinguishing these two types of judgment is really important.

  • Covenant Judgments

  • Protective Judgments

I will explain the difference in the next few posts.

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