Thursday, October 06, 2011

RWC (7) - Idol

All peoples have their idols. Rugby has become a dominant idol in New Zealand. For many people, winning the Rugby World Cup is the most important thing that could happen to New Zealand.

I have always believed that this idol will have to be humbled before New Zealand can see a real revival. It will be interesting to see whether our rugby idol will be humbled, or deliver our hope.

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Anonymous said...

It's the same with sports in America, on a truly titanic scale. Especially football, professional and college. Football unfortunately has a terribly corrupting effect, as so many athletes are allowed a lower standard of behavior and academic achievement from childhood onwards. (One of our most prominent public universities is now mired in a scandal caused by the creation of fake courses to insure that athletes get the marks they must have to remain eligible for sports.) No matter how coarse, flamboyant, and criminal these athletes become, and no matter how little clothing the cheerleaders wear and how debased the adverts are, Christians just keep right on watching. American Christians complain about the moral climate in this country, but the truth is that if they had had the decency and good sense to stop watching so much wickedness and foolishness on TV a long time ago, its foothold in American society would have been considerably diminished.