Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Normal is Gone

The reason that the recent Christchurch earthquake was such a shock was that, because the last two months had been quiet, people were hoping that the aftershocks were finished. They now realise that the quakes are not over and are bracing themselves to deal with further aftershocks. The cry from their hearts is “When will things return to normal”?

This desire will be disappointed, because we are not going to return to the old normal. The world has changed. When God is squeezed out of nation or city that has experienced his blessing, and his people do not share the gospel with sufficient power or passion to swing the people back, things will go on as normal for a while, but eventually the new reality will bite. Trouble and misfortune will become normal.

The Western world has experienced fifty years of blessing. Peace and prosperity have been normal, but the good times are over. The world is now entering a season of distress. During this season, trouble and distress will be normal.

Christians who understand the seasons should be using the current time as a season of preparation. We should be getting ready for the days ahead by learning to share and support each other. We should be learning what it means to love one another, as Jesus has loved us.
When the Time of Distress arrives, many Christians will look back and see the current time as a wasted opportunity. This time when wealth and freedom are abundant is the perfect time for developing new and better ways of living. It will be much harder to learn, when the time of distress comes.


Unknown said...

Right on

Charlotte said...

article that you may have already read......

I wish I was there.
charlotte x

Ron McK said...

Thanks Charlotte.
That article sums up the mood well.
Wishing you a happy new year.