Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kingdom and Spirit

Christians who develop a zeal for the Kingdom of God will be pushed towards a new understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit. The problem is that once you understand the Glory of God’s kingdom, you want it to come on earth. This can lead in two directions. The most common response is bringing in the kingdom by political power. This approach always leads to disappointment.

The second, and better approach, is to understand that the Holy Spirit is the kingdom builder. God has entrusted him to fulfil Jesus ministry by establishing his Kingdom on earth. The Holy Spirit has all the omnipotent power of God, so he will establish the Kingdom when the time is right. That is the Christian hope.

People who love the Kingdom that do not understand the role and reality of the Holy Spirit will be locked in disappointment.

Some will ask why the Holy Spirit has been so slow, to bring in the Kingdom, if he is so clever. The answer is that he will do it when the time is right and all the obstacles have been removed. My new book called Times and Seasons explains why the Holy Spirit has been prevented from establishing the Kingdom, and when he will be able to do it.


Gene said...

I have several copies on the way. Gifts for friends who need to see a better way.

Ron McK said...

Thanks Gene.