Monday, October 15, 2012


Jonah was a prophet out of sync with God’s purposes. God saw Nineveh as a people with potential, whereas Jonah had written them off. When Nineveh repented, God was glad, but Jonah was disappointed.

Like Jonah, many of the prophetic people in America are out of sync with God’s thinking. They are fussing about the outcome of the election and passing judgment on presidents and candidates. “Obama is bad. George Bush is good. Eisenhower was better. Carter was worse. Romney is OK”.

God looks at the election and sees the American Christians saying, “We want king!”

Over the last few years, there has been a shift in the balance of power in the principalities and powers that control the United States. A different principality has gained ascendancy. This shift has set the United States on a dangerous direction. It does not matter which presidential candidate, wins the next election, as he will be controlled by these principalities and powers.

The big question that the prophets should be asking is why this spiritual shift has occurred, and where it will lead. The United States needs a Daniel, who understands what is happening in the spiritual dimensions, and how that is shaped by the choices of the people.

“We want a President” is an old cry, but a foolish one. American Christians should be saying “We need prophets that can sound a trumpet clear call”.

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