Monday, October 29, 2012

Red Horse in Ethiopia

To understand what is happening in the world, we must recognise that Red Horse of Revelation has been released. This horse represents military struggles between ethnic groups that will tear apart nations that were established during the age of nationalism in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Another country where the Red Horse is working is Ethiopia. Most western people think of Ethiopia as an ancient Christian culture. This is only partially true. The reality is that Ethiopia is the remnant of a colonial empire. Less than half of the population are Christian. The Amhara and Tigrayan mountain tribes who have controlled the country are only 30% of the population. The largest population group is the Oromo people who live in the lowland areas close to the sea. The Somalis of Ogaden and the Sidama are other significant tribal groups.

Since 1995, Ethiopia has been ruled by a ruthless dictator called Meles Zenawi. He killed off all potential opposition and suppressed all tribal groups. With his death, the various tribal groups will be released. If another strongman does not emerge, this tribal tension will lead to a war that tears the area a part. The Christian part of Ethiopia will be left in the mountainous regions cut off from the sea.

The United States has used Ethiopia as its local henchmen in the Horn of Africa. It has poured weapons into the country to support this role. When things fall apart, these weapons will increase the intensity of the struggle (big sword).

Note: the Red Horse is not a sign of the second coming of Jesus. Its role in God’s plan for history is described in Times and Seasons.

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