Saturday, December 22, 2012

Grace to Works

The incarnation of Jesus is a wonderful gift from God to man.

I do not know the history of Christmas gift giving, but I am willing to concede that it began as a way of celebrating God gracious gift.

Unfortunately, celebrating the things that God has done, by doing what he has done can become a slippery slope, where we end up trying to be god. The best way to celebrate God’s grace is to graciously receive it.

Humans have an amazing ability to turn God’s grace in human works.

That seems to have happened with Christmas gift giving. Peer pressure and television advertising has turned Christmas giving into a massive obligation. Poor people feel obliged to buy lavish gifts that they cannot afford for their children, family and friends. Christmas adds to the burden of poverty.

For those who have plenty, Christmas giving becomes a time consuming chore that removes peace and robs us of the time to think about what Jesus has done.

This world does not need more giving as a twisted response to grace. It needs more receiving of what God has given.

It also needs more Zacchaeus giving that transfers unrighteous wealth from the rich to the poor.


Anonymous said...

Though I agree with you there should be more giving to the poor, I think you have also forgotten that it is more blessed to give than receive.

Blessed Economist said...

I have not forgotten. There is blessing in giving led by the Holy Spirit and motivated commitment to Jesus and love for one another. There is no blessing in giving under obligation to worldly hype.

Anonymous said...

Aahh, you do understand this. Your writing style sometimes makes it look like you are confused.