Saturday, December 15, 2012

Spirit Control

Some politicians are calling for gun-control, but tha tis not the core issue. Governor Dannel Malloy got closer to the mark, when he said, "Evil visited this community today". Gun-control is not the solution, because the problem is spirit-control.

A couple of weeks ago, Gene Redlin listed seven spirits that have come into the American house and made themselves at home. He was right about the spirits, but I believe that he missed the big one: the warring violent spirit. Although, it would be more correct to say that this one has been travelling and came back with seven warring violent friends.

This spirit permeates American life: from the federal government, to international relations, through culture and entertainment, and onto life on the street. It has been there a long time, but it is now more entrenched. Unfortunately, the American people are so familiar with this spirit that they do not notice it, except when it breaks out into a school or shopping mall.

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