Tuesday, December 02, 2014

God and Violence (3)

Understanding the determination of the spiritual powers of evil explains much of the violence in the Old Testament.

  • Whenever God gained authority to act on earth, they reacted with dreadful violence on earth. This often left God with no option, but to use violence against them.
  • Prior to the cross, the only way to deal with evil spirits was to separate from the people and things carrying them
  • Principalities and powers used military empires to control the world. The only way that God could constrain them was to stir up other military power against them.
  • Although God has proved his reliability again and again, the children of Israel seldom had sufficient faith to trust in him for their defence. They constantly rejected his way, and chose to defend themselves with military power. He often had to intervene in wars that they had started to protect his people and position.

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