Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Sovereign Capability

If God directly controlled every living being in creation, like a puppet master manipulates his puppets that would be amazing capability. Keeping track of each person and making them act according to a coordinated plan would be an amazing achievement.

However, God does something even more amazing. He sets the puppets free to their own thing. He limits himself to influencing them by making suggestions. A few are committed to doing his will, but most are openly hostile. Worse still, many angels who have rebelled, have the ability to control some of those who are hostile. This looks like an impossible situation, but God is able to accomplish his purposes on earth, without needing to control people.

God is able to achieve this through his amazing wisdom an power.

  • God’s wisdom is perfect and complete.
  • He knows what is happening everywhere all the time.
  • God totally understands human behaviour, because he created us. He knows how we will respond and behave in various situations.
  • The Holy Spirit is active throughout creation. He can speak simultaneously to every human on earth at the same time.
  • Everything he does moves people and events towards the fulfilment of God’s purposes.
  • The Holy Spirit can influence people who are hostile to God, because he knows what suggestions they will respond to.
  • Humans have limited imagination and often do not know what they want to do. They are open to the Spirit’s suggestions.
  • The powers of evil are pathetic and feeble by comparison. They can only be in one place at a time. They can only influence one person at a time, unless they get hold a poltical leader.
  • The powers of evil are disunited, so the often work against each other.
  • They often do not know what is going on, so they do things that hinder their cause.
This is amazing capability. God is so great, he can accomplish his purposes with one hand tied behind his back. It just takes a little time.

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