Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Building Christian Communities (2)

I am posting my notes on a book called “Building Christians Communities” written by Stephen Clark in 1975.

A community is a strong effective form of environment.

  • Christians in the first four centuries were received into strong communities.

  • Society is now de-Christianised, so Christian communities are now more necessary.

  • It is no longer feasible to make society Christian.

  • A Christian community provides an environment in which strong Christian lives are possible.

  • In strong communities we will find the strength to influence society.

Our basic challenge is to form communities, which allow Christian life in the world.

Small groups are not enough.

  • They do not have sufficient resources and will eventually stagnate.

  • A larger community provides more breadth and balance.

  • Primary relationships are not the only relationships a Christian needs.

  • A bond can exist between people who don’t know each other well, but who have common goal or ideal.

A family is not enough.
  • Family must be strengthened, but a family cannot go it alone.

  • They need to be part of a larger community to succeed.

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