Monday, August 24, 2015

Social Architecture (1)

In a book called Millennialism and Social Theory, Gary North noted that Christians have never developed a social theory.

What is also remarkable is that two millennia after the Incarnation of God’s Son in history, His followers have no idea what a saved world ought to look like. They have not blueprint for a uniquely biblical social order. There is no comprehensive body of materials that would point to a solution to this question: “How would a Bible-based society differ from previous societies and present ones?” Hardly anyone is even asking the question. Hardly anyone ever has.

His book explains that obsession with the rapture and the millennium has prevented this from happening. Christians assume that Jesus will provide a perfect social theory during the millennium, so we do not need one now.
A number of modern trends have undermined the social cohesion of society.

  • Increased nationalism
  • Growing government power
  • Expanding individualism
  • Weakened families
  • Urbanisation
Christians have focussed considerable energy on strengthening families, while being ambivalent about nationalism and government powers. Unfortunately, they have missed the piece in the middle. The need for a Christian social theory is more urgent than ever.

The world need structures to prevent the strong and wicked bullies from seizing power and trampling over the weak and vulnerable. The powerful must be prevented from prospering at the expense of the weak.

Most Christians expect the state to provide this protection, but that hope has been illusory. At best, the state has distracted onto side issues neglects the weak and the poor. At worst the state become powerful and aggressive and plunders those who need its protection.

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