Thursday, March 03, 2016

Jesus' Solution

Jesus provided a solution to each problem.

  1. He paid the penalty for sin, by dying on the cross. His life was the perfect sacrifice for sin that the law required.

  2. He ransomed humans from the spiritual powers of evil. His life was the price they demanded.

  3. Those who submit to Jesus as Lord and trust him are united with him. They died and rose against with him. They are vindicated by God, who has declared them to be righteous.

  4. Those who trust in Jesus ascended into heaven with him and are seated with him at God’s right hand, far above all the spiritual powers of evil and all the principalities and powers.

  5. Jesus has poured out his Holy Spirit, so that we can have fellowship with him and be empowered to do his works.

  6. He provides spiritual protection for those who submit to him and to each other.

  7. Jesus is Lord, so the authority of kings and emperors is illegitimate authority stolen from him.

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