Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Problem

Most Christians assume that Jesus died to get us a ticket to heaven, but his death and resurrection accomplished far more than that. What is the problem created by sin that only Jesus could resolve?

  1. Sin caused God to withdraw, cutting humans off from the Holy Spirit.

  2. The spiritual powers of evils gained authority over the earth when Adam and Eve submitted to them. This authority gave them the ability to inflict evil on the earth and make God’s creation destructive.

  3. Humans lost their spiritual protection, so the spiritual powers of evil were able to attack them.

  4. The spiritual powers of evil worked through kings and empires to leverage their authority and power.

  5. The spiritual powers of evil gained authority to inflict the curses of the law on sinners. They demanded death for sin.

  6. The spiritual powers of evil released crime and violence into society, making people harm each other.

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