Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sixties Generation

I am part of the sixties generation. I once thought that this could be a pivotal generation. We grew up during the happy days of the 1950s without too many scars or hang-ups. (In hindsight, maybe life was too easy).

The sixities generation was a radical generation, which cast off the restraint of the past and embraced the new with delight. We were a generation that wanted to change the world, and it seemed like it could happen.

In the early 1980s, Dennis Peacocke wrote a prophetic articled the Sleeping Tiger (see Comatose Tiger). He said that the sixties generation had a prophetic calling to advance the Kingdom of God, but they gone to sleep, lulled by prosperity, comfort and consumerism. Dennis suggested that God would revive this generation to return to their calling. The sleeping tiger would arise and be dangerous. It would bring massive change to the world.

Unfortunately, this has not happened. The sleeping tiger kept on sleeping and might even be dying. You cannot tell from looking at it.

Generation X has produced some good leaders, who learnt good stuff from their tiger-generation parents (perhaps while they were asleep), but I expect that we will have to wait for the millennial generation to make the big move that God is calling.

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Anonymous said...

God is not going to bless ingratitude. The '60s generation in the US blasted the faults of its elders but took for granted the advances and blessings made possible by those same elders. Every generation tends to make idols of its accomplishments and problem-solving, and that's bad, but it doesn't justify the next generation's ingratitude. The '60s generation in America has ended up with basically the same old idols, but without sexual restraint or any other kind of restraint. The result has been wanton self-indulgence combined with the false self-righteousness of radicalism that hasn't been lived out with integrity.