Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Elections and Prayer

Christians praying for the outcome of the US presidential election should remember that democracy is not God first choice form of government. God has made us free, so he does not always prevent the outcome of our choices.

Obama was the people’s choice, so there was no reason God would force him to change. God recognises the peoples freedom to choose their rulers. The problem was the choice, not lack of prayer.

Hillary and Donald are also the people’s choice, so God is unlikely to change them, whoever is elected. They might have a Damascus Road experience, but given their love of power and position, that is unlikely (Paul had a zeal for God that gave God authority to work in his life).

The spiritual powers of evil recognise every vote for a president as a prayer, so there are always more prayers for the candidate, than prayers to change him/her.

The people of the United States have submitted to the authority of a democratic system, so they are stuck with the outcome of that. Instead of vainly hoping and pleading that God will change the elected president, prophetic people should be prophesying and preparing for the outcome of an awful choice.

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Anonymous said...

While I share with most American conservative Christians a profound dismay that the Clintons get away with all manner of wrongdoing, abetted by the mainstream news media, I have a somewhat different perspective as a result of having lived in a place where the Church suffers from rampant international law violations enthusiastically supported by American evangelicals. With Hillary Clinton and the media, American Christians are getting a very, very small introduction to how hopelessness feels to their brothers and sisters in certain other locales. If treasured allies of the US are serial violators of the Geneva Convention and numerous other international accords, with enthusiastic Christian support, American Christians need not expect God to give them lawfulness and decency at home. The Clintons are crooks and probably murderers, but so are some of the allies American Christians love most. I and other Christians with first-hand experience have tried to warn our brethren upon returning home. We have been condemned as dupes of leftist propaganda. "Christian" America should be prepared to reap what it has sown.