Thursday, September 01, 2016

Accusations (4) Nullifying Accusations

When praying for people who are sick, we might need to deal with accusations that have been made against them. If someone is not healed, it might because the accuser is using accusations against them to justify the sickness. The power of the accusations will have to be broken, before the person can be healed.

The power of accusations are broken in different ways, depending on their nature.

  1. We are human, so many accusations made against us will be true. That does not matter because Jesus dealt with our sin on the cross by shedding his blood. If the accusations are true, the person accused can agree with them and declare that they are already dealt with by the blood of Jesus. They are forgotten by God. Acknowledging an accusation and covering it with Jesus blood is sufficient to break its power.

  2. Some accusations will be untrue. We can break their power by refusing to accept them and proclaiming God’s truth. For example, we can declare that we are pure and blameless, because we are washed in the blood of Jesus.

  3. If the accusation takes the form of a negative prophecy, we can declare it to be null and void, because it did not come from God. We can crush its power by declaring God’s truth. The best way to do this is to declare the promises and prophecies that God has specifically given to the person.

When Job was sick, he made and appeal to God who declared that he was not at fault. God’s testimony overturned the testimony of his friends and Job’s health was restored.

Some of the sickness amongst Christians is the consequence of Satan’s accusations against them based on testimonies by their brothers and sisters in the Lord. When we pray for them, we must nullify these accusations by declaring that their sins that they have been accused of have been covered by the blood of Jesus.

We do not need to know the nature of an accusation to deal with it. It is probably best not to focus on the accusation, as it might distract us from our true calling. It is more important to focus on the words that God has spoken about us.

Anyone struggling to be healed should seek the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal if there are any accusations against them that are holding back their healing. These may need to be broken before healing can come.

Sometimes the accusation may have been made against the sick person’s father or husband. Job’s family were afflicted when Satan was able to make accusations against him.

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