Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pet Prophets

When pastors see a prophet emerging in their church, they are tempted to bring the prophet under their control and use the prophet to support their ministry. The pastor will give the prophet a platform to speak and in return will expect the prophet to speak in support of his ministry and his plans for the church, and against those who oppose him.

I call this the temptation to become a “pet prophet” or platform prophet. Pet Prophets travel with the pastor as a prop and support to the pastor’s ministry. This is a very real temptation, but it is a prostitution of the prophetic calling. A true prophet must be free to speak only what God has given them to say, when and where God has commissioned them to speak.

When a pastor gives a young prophet opportunities that would make them into a recognised prophet, it leaves them dependent on him and under his authority. A true prophet must allow God to establish them in their ministry.

This can be a hard choice for the young prophet, if their pastor, often with good motives, asks them to speak and tells them what to say, even though God has not given them a word. Refusing to do that will be costly, because it will cost them a platform that would elevate your ministry in the church.

The true prophet will wait for God to provide opportunities to speak, when he wants them to speak. It may not be as often as a pet prophet gets to speak, but it will be more powerful, because God provided the platform, not the pastor. It will take longer, but it is much better than being a pet prophet.

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