Saturday, October 15, 2016

Cancer (3) Stolen Strategy

The spiritual powers of evil never do anything creative. They are just doing what they learned to do at the creation, but with a destructive twist.

The irony is that they stole the idea of rapidly growing and dividing cells from God. This was always God plan for the body of Christ. When a group of believers has grown, God’s plan was that the best leaders should be sent out as apostles to start a new group. This process can be repeated numerous times.

This diagram shows how a body of believers can grow rapidly as apostles are repeatedly released to begin a new place.

This strategy was successful for the early church. However, for most of history, God’s people have rejected his plan. Most churches have chosen to amass and accumulate. They build bigger buildings and try to draw more people in. This has made the churches anaemic.

The devil has stolen the idea of growing, dividing and sending and used it to attack our physical bodies. They become anaemic as the growth accumulates and amasses.

The result is a strange contrast.

  • God gave the body of Christ the method of growing and dividing at speed, Unfortunately, the church has preferred to amass and accumulate, so it has become anaemic.

  • The devil has taken the divide and grow method and used to attack the physical bodies of Christians. They have becomes anemic as the growth accumulates and amasses.

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