Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Parallel Power (3) Presidential Election

In my previous posts, I explained that the governments of nations on earth have their parallel in the spiritual realms. Spiritual kings control a hierarchy of fallen angels that parallel the government military structure of the earthly ruler. Some control cities and provinces. Other spirits manipulate military and religious leaders.

An election will produce a new president or a new government, but the powers in the spiritual realms that control the government do not change. An election does not change the spiritual power; it just changes the people that the spiritual powers control.

This is why things usually carry on the same when a new president or party is elected to power. The same spiritual powers are in control, so nothing changes.

American Christians are rally stirred up about their presidential election. They seem to have forgotten that whichever of the candidates is elected, he/she will be manipulated and controlled by the same spiritual powers as previous presidents.

What the United States needs is a revolution in the spiritual realms. Otherwise, the election will just bring more of the same, whatever the outcome.

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