Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Attendance Model

The attendance model operated by the modern church has several serious flaws.

  • Christians tend to lead split lives. When at church, they are united with other believers, watched over by pastors, and surrounded by the presence of the Holy Spirit. For the rest of their time (most of their lives) they live in isolation, trying to do what their pastors have told them they must do. They usually fail, because it is hard being a Christian on your own (that’s why Jesus sent his people out in pairs). This failure means they need to attend church again each week to receive the forgiveness of God and experience his love.

  • The attendance model does not have any potential to take territory for Jesus. It hands control over most of the earth to the spiritual powers of evil, except for a few church buildings. Consequently, there is very little territory on earth where Jesus is truly Lord. A king without territory is an imposter, so this is a serious problem.

  • Everything happens at the church gathering, usually up the front. It is the only place where the presence of the Holy Spirit. The people of the world never see the body of Jesus functioning effectively. They never see the Holy Spirit moving in power. They do not see the followers of Jesus loving one another, so he is not lifted up for the world to see. They don’t even see Christians operating in pair like Jesus disciples. The only Christians they see are isolated and intimidated at their work and the various activities of the world.

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