Friday, April 05, 2019

Prayer and Submission

Some Christians in New Zealand have been uneasy about the broadcasting of a Moslem call to prayer and about participation in Moslem prayers. At this time, prayer for people of other religions is good, but followers of Jesus should be careful when praying with them. Spiritual risk never goes away.

Submission and Authority are the key to understanding spiritual danger.

  • Submission to any authority is dangerous, because when I submit to another person. I give them authority in my life. That gives any spiritual powers at work in their life permission to interfere in mine. Therefore, we should be very careful about whom we submit to and ensure their lives are holy and evil-spirit free.

  • All religion is spiritual, so submission to the leader of other religions is dangerous, because by submitting to them, we are also submitting to the spiritual powers that operate through their religion. The spiritual powers of evil love to work through false religions to spread deception.

  • People with authority have greater influence, because they commit the people who they have authority over. If we submit to a political or religious leader, we give the spiritual powers behind that leader permission to intervene in our lives. When leaders with authority over many people are deceived, the powers of evil that control them gain permission to intervene in the lives of the people under their authority.

  • The decisions and actions of people with authority have broader spiritual impact. They can release a bad spiritual power over the people who have submitted to their authority. This is why we should be cautious about submitting to political leaders (and religious leaders).

  • Followers of Jesus do not need to be afraid of places, because they are protected by the blood of Jesus. The real danger comes from being submitted to the wrong authority.

  • Christians should be wise when choosing whom to submit to. Many Christians have submitted to leaders who are influenced by a MIC Spirit. This has had a negative effect on their spiritual growth.

Avoiding submission to people who might have negative spiritual powers at work in their life is a key to spiritual protection. The following are examples of how these principles should be applied in the current situation.
  • I would have no problem in going into a mosque, if a friend invited to attend the prayers. Likewise joining a vigil outside a mosque is fine. What we should guard against is submitting to their authority. I am protected by the blood of Jesus, and provided that I do not submit to the authority of the Iman, the spirits behind them cannot touch me. Being submitting to the wrong authority is what is dangerous. If we are only submitted to Jesus, no place is dangerous.

  • The Prime Minister seems to have been careful in what she has said and done. She has offered sympathy and advice. Because she grew up a religious family (Mormon), she seems to respect other religions. She has consulted with religious leaders and attended prayer services, but she does not seem to have submitted to their authority. She seems to have been careful to protect the authority of her prime ministership. Some time ago she said,

    I have a real respect for people who have religion as a foundation in their lives, and I respect people who don’t. I’m agnostic. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. I just think people should be free to have their personal beliefs and not be persecuted for it, whether they be atheist or staunch church members.
    This is what she seems to have been doing in Christchurch.

  • I have no problems with the Prime Minister meeting with Moslems to offer sympathy and support. As citizens of New Zealand, they are entitled to that.

  • I have no problem with the Prime Minister attending an outdoor prayer service, provided that she does not submit to the authority of the Iman. I am more concerned about the spirits that she carries because she grew up in Mormonism.

  • I am not concerned about an Islamic prayer service being held in Hagley Park prayer. They have earned the privilege of worshipping there. That has no effect on Christians, even if they attended, provided they do not submit the authority of the speakers.

  • I am not worried about the Moslem Call to Prayer being broadcast on television and national radio. Provided people do not submit to the authority of the Iman, they are not affected by hearing the call to prayer. Christians cannot be harmed by the voice of a different religion unless they agree with it.

  • I am very concerned about The Speaker of the NZ Parliament inviting an Iman to lead prayers in Parliament. By giving him that permission, the MPs are submitting to his authority. That leaves them vulnerable to the spirit behind Islam, especially those with MPs no faith, and no spiritual protection. The spirits that work through Islam are the same as those that used to work mostly through Freemasonry. There are plenty of these hanging around in New Zealand looking for an opportunity to gain influence. Because they have authority in the land, these members of Parliament have probably opened New Zealand up to these spirits.

  • The most serious situation in New Zealand is the meat industry, because the Meat Processing Companies have submitted to the authority of Islamic Imans and give Moslem slaughtermen permission to pray in their slaughterhouses. This is serious because companies that are important for the agricultural industry have submitted to the authority of religious leaders. Their submission to authority has opened them up to the spiritual powers behind Islam.

  • Most New Zealanders do not understand the influence of the spiritual realms. They have submitted to all kinds of junk that has let wrong spirits gain authority in our land. That is a far greater concern.

These situations are always come down to submission and authority. Places are not dangerous for followers of Jesus. Submitting to authority is dangerous, because it always has spiritual implications.

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