Thursday, August 29, 2019


Praying is always good.  However, our prayers will always be more effective, if we pray into situations where we have authority. They will also be more effective if they are precise, rather than vague and general.

It is good to pray that people come to salvation. However, it is better to pray more precisely, if we can. If we listen to the Holy Spirit, he will tell us what he wants to do in people’s lives. We can then pray for his will to be done. That will be more effective than vague general prayers.

Likewise, it is good to pray that the kingdom of the world will become Christ’s Kingdom.  However, we will never see our prayers being answered, because our request is too vague. I think it is better to ask the Holy Spirit what he wants to do to advance the Kingdom of God in the situations where we have interest and influence. If we pray for those things, we will be praying according to God’s will, so we are more likely to see our prayers being answered. That will encourage us to press on further.

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