Friday, March 20, 2020

Being Church Where We Live

With government bans on inside meetings of large groups of people, many churches will not be able to hold their meetings over the next few weeks, or months. Some will be conducting their meetings with only a few people present and broadcasting over the internet so people can listen to the sermon at home alone. This seems to be a poor substitute for the fellowship of the Spirit.

Others church leaders are getting their people to meet together in homes with other members who live near them. Perhaps God is using the coronavirus to get people back to where he wants them to be. Perhaps he is getting them to be the church where they live.

If you are thinking about meeting with other followers of Jesus in your home, be encouraged, because Jesus has promised to be there with you. The Holy Spirit loves to work amongst small groups of people seeking to serve him together. If you want to know more about how you can be the church where you live, you should read my book called Being Church Where You Live. It explains how small groups of people can be a mighty witness for Jesus by serving the people who live around them.

More at Being Church Where We Live.

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