Monday, March 02, 2020

COVID-19 Virus

After reading a report of a Christian prophet suggesting that the COVID-9 Virus is coming to an end, I began to wonder what type of event this pandemic is. Nothing big happens on earth by accident. All serious events are the result of interactions between the spiritual realms and the physical world that we see.

When I worked as a statistician, I discovered that the key to understanding activities and event is to classify them correctly. If a business codes some of its expenses as loans, its profit will look better, buts its accounts will be a distortion of reality. A key to classifying events correctly is understanding the full range of events that can occur. If we only expect one type of event, we will assume that is what they all are. A secular materialistic world view assumes that all events are the result of physical causes. People who believe in meticulous providence assume that every event is totally controlled by God. Both of these views result in a distorted understanding and confusion.

In an article called Prophetic Events, I describe the range of possible prophetic events and set out criteria for distinguishing between them. Understanding this range makes it easier to categorise particular events when they occur. This enables us to be clearer about things that are happening in our world.

I conclude that the COVID-19 virus was not a Shaking Event, in which God shakes the people to shock his people into turning back to him. The reason for this conclusion is that, as far as I can tell, no Christians prophets warned of this pandemic in advance and God does nothing with warning his prophets (Amos 3:7). None of the prophets mentioned the COVID-19 virus in their y2020 prognostications. Since God did not warn of this event, so he is most likely not the cause of it.

Therefore, I conclude that the pandemic is what I have called to as a Warning Event in the article.

When the Christian influence declines and society is close to the tipping point, the powers of evil begin to show off. The devil is not very creative, so he just does on a smaller scale, what he would like to do, if he had much more authority, but does not. These events are warning signs for those who alert. Christians who understand their times will able to discern these signs and get an early warning of what is going to happen, if society continues in the way that it is going.
Jesus described warning events in (Luke 13:1-5). As explained in my article Warning Events have the following characteristics (there are more listed in the article).
1. Warning Events are not sent by God.

2. Minor occurrences of evil are often a sign that society is getting close to the tipping point.

3. Being abnormal and unusual, these events are noticed by everyone.

4. These mini-disasters may appear to be random events, but they have spiritual significance.

5. The forces of evil begin to show off and try out the evil they intend to do, if they get greater control of society.

6. They are a warning of more serious perils that will follow, if people do not get back under the protection of God.

7. Warning Events reveal the mind of the devil, as they are often a type of what he will do if he is given a free hand to wreak worse evil.

8. Warning Events are indiscriminate. They can hurt sinners and the righteous, because the devil does not care who he hurts.

9. The event says nothing about the character of the people who are harmed and everything about the nature of the society they live in.

10. These events are not redemptive; just destructive of relatively innocent people.
The spiritual powers of evil are not very creative, so when they discover a tactic that works, they are like to keep on doing it.

During a Warning Event, follows of Jesus should gather together, so they can provide spiritual protection for each other.

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