Saturday, May 23, 2020

Bullying Beast

In a recent series of posts, I gave ten reasons why the United States might be the Beast of Revelation. The Beast is a bully.

While fighting the coronavirus, the United States has continued with bullying other nations.

  • Sending battleship into the Barents Sea (Russia’s Gulf of Mexico)
  • Imposing additional sanctions on Syria.
  • Gathering warships of the coast of Venezuela.
  • Sailing aircraft carriers close to the coast of China. Sending B-1B Bombers towards China.
  • Berating countries that used Cuban doctors.
  • Threatening to attack Iran.
  • Vetoing a UN resolution to end conflict everywhere in the world while the coronavirus is a problem.
A Beast cannot help bullying, even when more urgent tasks are at hand. The cap seems to fit.

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