Friday, May 22, 2020

Faction Stuggles

Christians assume that the spiritual powers of evil are united in opposing God’s purposes. If Jesus cannot get unity in the church, there is no way that the powers of evil will be united, given that they are deceptive, vicious and rebellious. There are factions amongst the spiritual powers struggling for control of the forces of evil.

Satan gained the critical victory over Adam and Eve, so he was on top for a while., but was not tough enough, so Death and Destruction took over. However, they overstretched, and Noah’s flood was an enormous defeat for them. This allow the Beast to gain control, which resulted in the Babel empire.

The giving of the law strengthened the status of Satan again, because increased his ability to accuse, allowing him to grab the top position for a few hundred years. Once Israel went in exile, he lost ground and the Beast was able to gain control, by using the empires of Babylon, Persia, Greece or Rome.

Jesus’ resistance of temptation was a major defeat for Satan. He would have been mocked by the other spiritual power for being defeated.
When Rome collapsed, the Beast lost his power and would be mocked by other big spirits looking to take the top place. However, he rose to power again with the emergence of new empires, beginning with Napoleon, the British, German and American empires.

The next big change occur when the Destroyer is released from the Abyss where he has been trapped since the flood (Rev 9:1-12).

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