Tuesday, June 09, 2020


A recent dream shared by Lana Vawser indicates that God wants to release justice on the earth. I am sure that this is his heart, but he cannot magically produce justice for all people who have experienced injustice.

True justice will have to be established locally by God’s people applying God’s Instructions for Economic Life.

  • Judges who emerge in local communities that can identify injustice.

  • These judges will specify restitution for the victims of injustice.

  • The elders will pay restitution to the victims who do not receive anything from perpetrators of the injustice.

  • Rich people who come to faith will acknowledge their unrighteous wealth and commit to giving it away in obedience to Jesus.

  • Deacons will use the unrighteous wealth that has been given away to assist victims of injustice.

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