Saturday, October 03, 2020


Jesus explained that we cannot serve to masters. God wants to rescue us from evil and use us to establish his Kingdom, but he cannot do that if we are relying on human government to deliver us from our problems and transform society. The problem is that faith in political power is greater than it has ever been. Most Christians are looking for political change to cure the social problems that trample them.

The Kingdom of God cannot come in its fulness until his people lose their faith in political power. Unfortunately, we are in a season when faith in political power is at an all time high. People have greater expectations of their governments than ever before. To shake that faith, God will have to allow governments to make many mistakes and do great harm.

I suspect the next election will be a huge disappointment for many Christians, both in New Zealand and in the United States.

I welcome this disappointment because God will use it to shake their faith in political power and move them to rely more on the gospel and the Holy Spirit to transform society.

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