Friday, October 09, 2020

Political Powers

We are in the middle of an election season. Politicians here are making promises about how they will make New Zealand a better place. The big thing that is missing from the election adverts and campaign pledges is any understanding of the spiritual aspect of life.

Most politicians do not understand that they will be constrained by the invisible, but evil spiritual powers, that they, their predecessors and the people, have given authority in our nation.

God has poured out huge blessings on the people of this country. For most of our history, a significant share of the population has acknowledged him and given thanks for his grace towards us. But things have changed.

Now most people don’t acknowledge God. They say something like this. “I am not even sure that God exists. What I have got, I got by my own hard work and effort, so I am not going to give thanks for it to a god that I don’t know exists. I deserve what I have got.

The consequence that these people do not understand is that when they lose track of God, they also lose sight of the evil spiritual powers that are fighting against him. When the people of a nation reject God, they unwittingly give the spiritual powers of evil much greater freedom to do their nasty stuff on earth.

In recent years, we have seen them doing what they love to do.

  • Stirring up people to hate and kill each other.
  • Disrupting the weather with storms and droughts.
  • Spreading disease and sickness to destroy people’s lives.
  • Stirring up greed and corruption to damage the financial and economic system.
  • Putting people into poverty to rob them of peace and happiness.
We can expect more of the same, and worse, as long as we continue to give the spiritual powers of evil freedom to work in our land.

Only God can rescue us from their power. He loves us, but he can only rescue us if we turn to him and seek his deliverance. That will require a massive change of heart and switch of allegiance from the things of the world to Jesus.

Politicians cannot rescue from the spiritual powers of evil that are rampant in our land. No matter how much money they spend, or how many laws they pass, if they ignore the spiritual problems that beset our nation, their plans to make New Zealand will fail. They will find themselves being manipulated by the government-spirits that have been given a place of authority in the nation. These evil spiritual powers will ensure that the best efforts of the politicians will result in confusion.

Even if they are motivated by compassion and their intentions are good, they will come up against strong headwinds created by the spiritual powers that have gained a stronghold in the land. Their wisdom will fail and their plans and programs will flop.

Confusion will go ahead of them.
and disaster and trouble will follow.

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