Thursday, November 12, 2020

Love not Control

Maybe a true prophet would say something like this. Our country is divided. Both sides think they won the elections. We don't want to be led by your guy, but we understand that you hate the thought of being led by our bloke even more.

We are more committed to living the way of love than winning at all costs. We have the presence of the Spirit with us, and trials are good for us, so for the sake of peace, we will let your guy have the presidency. We would sooner live under a president that we do not like, than further tear the country apart with continued political and legal disputes.

Jesus example is relevant in a situation like this. He had justice on his side, but he surrendered to the religious and political leaders, and accepted their suffering they imposed, and demonstrated an amazing and beautiful love.

We trust that God will bless our gracious response by working our situation for good.  It might allow people to see Jesus in us, and open the way for him to bless our nation. 

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