Monday, November 16, 2020


Jesus said that he would build his church,
so why do we build church buildings all over our towns and cities
where his people are hidden away and cannot be seen by the world.

Jesus told us to go into the world to tell people the good news that he has rescued them
and confirm this truth by healing the sick, casting out demons and opening the eyes of the blind.
so, why have we told his followers to come to a church building each week to listen to a pastor speaking
and watching him trying to heal the sick and casting out demons at the front of the meeting.

Jesus told us to wait until we had received power from on high,
and then go and do what the Holy Spirit told us to do, nearby at first,
and then gradually spreading out across our city and nations.
so why do we tell people they must gather for fellowship once a week, when he told us that we should love one another (all the time, not once a week)?

Jesus told us to go out in twos and threes, and he promised that he would be with us,
so why have we tried to bring his followers together in hundreds and thousands.

Jesus has given us a gospel that can change hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit,
so, why have we tried to change peoples’ behaviour by voting for our government to bring in tougher laws.

Jesus told us to seek his kingdom,
so why do we add the label “kingdom” to what we are doing
when his Kingdom is his will being done on earth as it in heaven?

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