Thursday, September 02, 2021

Clever Virus

All the experts are saying that the delta variant is extremely clever. The evolutionary biologists said that viruses like Covid generally mutate to become less virulent over time because the sickest people die, and their version of the virus dies with them. The reality has been the opposite. The delta version is more infectious, spreads to children and possibly has worse symptoms for those who get it. That is very clever.

However, a virus is non-living molecular material, so it has no capacity to be clever. So, we need to think about where the cleverness comes from. A better explanation is needed.

  • Obviously, our God did not create this virus, so he is not the cause of the cleverness.

  • It is very unlikely that the cleverness comes from malicious humans because humans are not that clever.

  • The cleverness behind this virus comes from the spiritual powers of evil.

I assume that the latter is the explanation. I see this disease as a spiritual attack on the people of the earth, that does what the spiritual powers of evil love to do; kill, rob, and destroy.

Humans are using vaccines to try and roll back a spiritual attack, because they no longer trust God, but they are up against an enemy that is cleverer and more powerful than they are. So, it is not surprising that this solution is producing problems.

In a post back in September 2020, I wrote the following words.

Over the last fifty years, there has been a massive decline of faith. Things still seem to be OK on the surface, but as God has been squeezed out, the spiritual powers of evil have been inadvertently allowed in. They are getting greater freedom and ability to work evil in this part of the world, so they are unlikely to stop.

Unfortunately, the spiritual powers of evil are not content with distracting people from God. They love to steal, kill and destroy, so they will have a go at achieving this whenever they get an opportunity. They were behind the GFC and the coronavirus, and have noticed how effective these events were for hurting people and disrupting society. These were not by any means their best efforts, so I expect that if there is a return to “peace and security”, it will not last long, because they will have another crack at destruction and harm.

From their perspective, the coronavirus has been really successful, so they will try it again when the time is right. They might try something different first, but they will try an epidemic again sometime, and it will probably be worse.

Whereas most viruses fade over time, the Delta variant of covid seems to be much worse than what went before. This version is more infectious, spreads to children and possibly has worse symptoms for those who get it. This suggests that the spiritual powers of evil are upping the ante.

Nothing big happens on earth by accident. If we don't understand that, we will fail to understand what is happening in the world.

  • A secular materialistic world view assumes that all events are the result of physical causes.

  • People who believe in meticulous providence assume that every event is totally controlled by God.

Both of these views result in a distorted understanding and confusion. All serious events are the result of interactions between the spiritual realms and the physical world that we see.

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